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The Wide World of Hair Products

All you need to know about different products and how to pick what’s best for your hair type and style!


Hair clay provides a medium hold that works well for shorter hairstyles adding texture and volume to both thick and fine hair. It has little-to-no shine resulting in a matte finish, so you can achieve a softer, more natural look.

Apply to slightly damp or dry hair.


Hair creams have low hold and provide moisture, shine, and volume to hair. They are more flexible than a gel or pomade, and work best on medium to long length hairstyles. They help control strands while also acting as a conditioner. Creams function best as a pre-styling product.

Apply to damp hair.


Hair gel is high hold and high shine. It can be used to achieve a slick, wet look or it can be scrunched out to create soft, defined curls. Gel can be used on a variety of hair lengths, thicknesses and textures, though it does not allow for flexibility in reworking your style throughout the day. It is important to apply gel towards the ends of your strands and keep it away from your roots as it can weigh down fine hair.

Apply to damp or wet hair.


Hairspray is a versatile product that can be used on all hair lengths, thicknesses and textures and can be used both to set a style and achieve volume. Depending on the style you are aiming to achieve, you have lots of different options when choosing your hairspray. It is available in various levels of hold as well as several varieties that can be used at different stages of your hairstyling. Hairspray is available in both aerosol and non-aerosol (in a bottle with a pump-sprayer) varieties.

Working Hairspray

Working hairspray has the least amount of hold. It is build-able and results in a soft, movable finish.

Styling Hairspray

Styling hairspray has a medium hold and can be used to build volume, add texture, and works well for up-dos and curls.

Finishing Hairspray

Finishing Hairspray is high hold, and can be used to lock in your finished style and keep everything in place. This should only be used once you are finished styling, because it does not allow for flexibility.


This light hold hairspray can be used to tame flyaways and won’t weigh down your hair. It works great for longer hairstyles.


Medium hold hairspray can add volume and texture without adding too much stiffness.


If you want your hair to stay in place throughout the day without much movement, high hold hairsprays are for you. They are a good choice for up-do’s, and slick ponytails.

Apply to dry hair.


Mousse provides volume, hold, and definition and can be used on a variety of hair lengths, thicknesses and textures. It is a versatile product that works well for a wide range of styles. Mousse can be applied to damp hair and left to air dry to create a wet look, or blown out to provide volume and hold. If you have curly hair, mousse is a must-have for volume, curl definition and humidity protection.

Apply to damp hair.


Unlike a serum, hair oil is not meant to be used as a styling product, but as a conditioning/ nourishing treatment for your hair. They help repair split ends, detangle, prevent breakage and work to improve the overall health of your hair. Hair oils will soak into your strands and can be applied to wet hair or used on dry hair as a mask. Make sure to distribute the product evenly throughout your hair.

Apply to dry, damp, or wet hair.


Hair paste is a versatile product that provides medium hold and medium shine. The consistency is slightly thicker than a pomade and is usually water-based. A paste will provide texture, volume, and flexibility. The more you use, the stronger the hold will be.

Apply to slightly damp or damp hair.


Pomade provides a high-shine, wet look with medium-to-high hold. The product does not dry completely after application, so it allows for some flexibility to rework your hairstyle throughout the day. Pomade is best for shorter hairstyles that you want to stay in place and works well with thick hair. There are two types of pomade: oil and water based.

Apply to damp hair.


Serums are great for treating and protecting hair. They can help shield your hair from humidity and sun damage, prevent frizz and tangles, add shine, and treat dry or damaged strands. Remember that you don’t need a lot of product and that a little goes a long way. It is also important that you keep serums off your roots because it can weigh down your hair. Serums are meant to work as a styling tool, so apply them to your hair before you begin styling your hair.

Apply to wet hair.

Texturizing Spray

Texturizing sprays and sea salt sprays add texture and body to hair and work best on medium to long length hairstyles. The spray can be reapplied and scrunched through hair throughout the day if desired. The salt in most texturizing sprays absorbs oil from hair and helps to create beachy waves.

Use on slightly damp or damp hair.


Hair wax is a medium hold product that is available in medium shine or matte finishes and work best with straight, short to medium length hair. Waxes are a slightly lighter hold than a pomade, and are more flexible than a gel, allowing flexibility for restyling throughout the day.

Apply to dry hair.

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