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Archives for November 2019

What is Elumen?

Goldwell Elumen is an oxidant-free, high-performance hair color. It nourishes and repairs hair while coloring and provides exceptional shine, color intensity, and durability.

Ammonia-free, non-oxidative, and gentle for the hair

Elumen technology allows dyes to penetrate deep into the hair for long-lasting, intense color while simultaneously repairing damage to create healthier, shinier hair

How Elumen embraces Scientific Technology and pH Value

“Conventional, common direct dyes are positively (+) charged molecules that are attracted to negatively (-) charged areas of hair.” The direct dye molecules are too large to penetrate deep into the hair and mainly stick to the outside of the hair.

“Elumen works with acidic, negatively (-) charged direct dyes and a pH value of 3.0 … An excess cationic (+) charge is created and because the Elumen dyes are anionic (-) charged and a type of “pulling effect” is exerted, literally drawing the negative charged Elumen dyes, into the hair. A simulated magnetic, electrostatic attraction occurs, attaching the negatively charged color dyes firmly and permanently to the already positively charged hair.”

Elumen Products

Goldwell has a line of Elumen products specially formulated to nourish hair, and help maintain color vibrancy and longevity.

Elumen is available in a wide spectrum of colors.

All factual information listed on this page © Goldwell

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How To Care For Your Hair This Winter

The dog days of summer are behind us. It’s time to embrace colder weather and revamp your hair routine to prevent frizz, breakage and brittle locks.

Don’t go outside with wet hair

Make sure to dry your hair fully before rushing out the door in the morning. Cold, wet hair will expand which can cause breakage and damage your strands. If you prefer to shower in the morning, make sure hair is completely dry, or at least protected by a hat or a scarf if you’re in a hurry. You can also try altering your routine and shower at night so that your hair will be fully dry by morning.

Line your hats with silk or satin

Cozy wool or cotton hats are what we reach for as soon as the temperatures start to drop, but the friction from these harsh fabrics could be causing damage to your hair. Try lining your hats with silk or satin to cut down on friction, as well as prevent frizz and dryness. You should also opt for a silk pillowcase to help reduce frizz and breakage while you sleep!

Try a darker shade

It’s hard to accept that the sunny days and warm breezes of summer are behind us, but so are sun-kissed locks and platinum hues. Try embracing a new, darker shade for winter! In addition to being on trend for the season, darker shades are actually less damaging to your hair. This will limit the number of times you’ll have to bleach your hair throughout the cold months – a process that strips the hair of natural oils and moisture.

Cut down on heat styling

Excessive heat styling is damaging to your hair, so embrace the cold weather and opt for a hat and loose braids instead. You can also read our post on heatless styling here. If you can’t bear to part with your styling tools, make sure to use a heat protectant.

Deep condition once a week

The combination of hats, scarves, and indoor heating leads to unwanted breakage, dryness, and frizzy locks. Add a deep conditioner or hair mask to your weekly hair-care routine to add much needed moisture back into your hair.

Don’t over-wash your hair

Washing your hair too often strips it of natural oils and moisture, resulting in dry, thirsty locks. Pick up a dry shampoo, and a hat, or try out some new hairstyles to get you through no-wash days.

Turn on your humidifier

Indoor heating is drying to your hair – and your skin. Try using a humidifier while at home to add a little moisture to the air and help combat dryness.

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Guide To Heatless Curls

Frequent heat styling can lead to brittle, damaged hair. So try out these no-heat tricks to add volume and texture to your hair, damage free!

If you want to use these methods for overnight styling, make sure you start with damp hair, not wet, otherwise your hair will not dry by morning.

Pin Curls

Start by wrapping small sections of damp hair around your fingers and then pin them into place. Keep going until all of your hair is pinned. You can either blow-dry your hair, let it air dry, or leave the pins in overnight. Once your hair is completely dry, carefully remove all of the pins and smooth out the curls with your fingers.

Soft Rollers

Rollers are available in a variety of sizes to help you achieve different curl sizes and shapes. If you want tight, bouncy curls, you should choose a small roller. Large ones work best for loose, soft curls. Starting with damp hair divide your hair into sections, then starting with a small section of hair, begin to wrap your hair around the rollers, clipping them into place. Continue until all of your hair has been set. You can sleep on the rollers – try a bonnet or silk scarf to keep them in place – or use a blow-dryer until your hair is completely dry. Un-clip the rollers and smooth out the curls with your fingers.

Flexi Rods

Flexi rods are available in a range of sizes to achieve different levels of curls from soft waves to curly ringlets. You can use damp hair, or spray each section individually as you go. Wrap your ends around the flexi rod and roll it upwards towards your head. Bend the ends of the flexi rod to secure the hair in place. Repeat this process until you have wrapped all of your hair. You can wrap your hair in a scarf or bonnet to sleep on overnight, or you can use blow-dryer to speed up the process. Your hair must be completely dry before unwrapping the rods or the curl will not be as defined. Smooth out the curls with your fingers after removing the flexi rods.


Braid damp hair to create volume and waves. Braiding can help you create a variety of different curl patterns and textures ranging from beachy waves to full curls. The more braids you put in your hair, the curlier it will be. You can either choose to wear the style for the day then take them out for second day curls, or let them dry before brushing them out with your fingers.

Paper Towel Method

You can use either strips of paper towel or fabric for this method. Starting with damp hair, clip or tie most of your hair up and out of the way, leaving the bottom layers free. Starting with a two-inch section, wrap the ends around the paper towel and continue wrapping upwards until you reach your roots – or wherever you would like the curl to begin. Tie the strip of paper towel, to secure the hair in place. Repeat this process until you have wrapped all of your hair. This method works well as an overnight hairstyle, so when you wake up, gently remove the paper towels, or fabric, from your hair, and smooth the curls with your fingers.

Headband Method

Starting with damp hair, place a headband on your head, you can bobby pin it into place to keep from moving. Starting near your face, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the headband, and keep going until you reach the back of your head. Repeat this on the other side and tuck your ends into the headband. This method works really well as an overnight style – when your hair is dry, untwist your hair and smooth out the curls with your fingers. Try using different width headbands for different results.

Twist Buns

Starting with damp hair twist hair into buns and bobby pin in place. Untwist the buns once your hair is dry to reveal wavy locks. The more buns you do, the curlier your hair will be. Try experimenting with different placement and partings for different curl patterns.

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