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The Truth About Sulfates by Sophie Sawyer

If you’ve considered getting new shampoo and conditioner within the last decade, you’ve probably heard the word “sulfates” quite a bit – and to avoid them at all cost. Let’s quickly go over some urban legends, wives tales and actual facts about these supposed “evil doers.”

First off, what is a sulfate? Here is the definition: “Sulfates are effective cleansing and foaming agents that can be found in toothpaste, shampoo, and body washes, among other products.” Doesn’t sound too scary, right? Cheap shampoo companies like to be able to slap a label that says “sulfate free” on their products to make the everyday person think, “Ooooh! I can buy this $8 shampoo and it’ll be good for my hair!” In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

photo by Clean Walmart

photo by Clean Walmart

When you think about purchasing a hair product, you need to start thinking about it the same way you would think about buying your food. For example, if you buy a hamburger from McDonald’s, do you think it is the same quality as the beef you could buy from the farmers market? Shampoo and conditioner, along with other products, are coming into contact with your skin and going down the drain almost every day. Think of the drug-store shampoo as the burger from McDonald’s. Is that really something you want to put on your body? The way this all ties into sulfates and parabens is simple – they are ingredients. So: cheap products equal cheap ingredients and professional products equal high-end ingredients.

All in all, if you want to be nice to your hair (and the planet), the best way to go about it is getting products that are professional and use good-quality ingredients. Sulfates included!


Prom Prep with Kristen Allocca

It’s about that time to put on your gorgeous dress, match it with some sparkly jewelry and get your hair done!! Here are a few things that I find very helpful when trying to find that perfect hairstyle to complete your ensemble.8683ebb689b8751edeb51745c09c87f6_zpsefc0b07b

Let’s start with how we’re going to decide whether you’re going to wear it (all up, half up, all down). Now, these are just suggestions, you can choose any style you like. I find that if your dress has straps or a halter top the best way to show off your whole dress is to wear it pulled back in an up-do or half up with some pieces coming down. Up-do’s go well with any dress. Adding texture with braids or curls is always a fun option. Strapless looks are enhanced by the cascade of curls or waves created by wearing your hair all down or even half up.

Prom-Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair-Half-Up-Half-Down2When looking for that perfect look, its helpful to find styles that are close to the same texture hair you have (fine, coarse, curly, ext.) Of course we can always create texture different from your own. If it’s going to rainy, windy or humid, it’s best to create texture in a pinned style, so the whole thing doesn’t droop.

Another thing you want to try to match when looking at pictures is the color of the style you’re looking for. For example, if you find a blonde style, but you have brown hair, the outcome might be much different than you were expecting. This is because the light will reflect differently off of blonde’s hair than brunettes, and other tones as well. Therefore, the picture could end up looking a lot different than what you were expecting for your final look.

Now that we have decided your perfect look, let’s talk about your appointment! When you come into the salon for your appointment you should wear a button up or zip up shirt. Something easy to take off after your hair is all done and won’t mess up Prom-Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair-Twisted-Updoyour beautiful do. We would love to have you come in with FRESHLY WASHED, DRY hair. There are a lot of myths that you should come in with a little grit or dirtiness to your hair but if it’s too dirty we would have to add another service to your appointment (shampoo/blow dry) and that’s not necessary if you come in with clean, dry hair. If your hair is naturally fine and or slippery we can add our own texture spray to add that needed grip.


So, shop for your dress and bring yourself into the salon for the perfect style for your big night!



Grey is Gorgeous

Hey guys, It’s Jenn here. Grey hair is trending. Look up #grannyhair and see what I’m talking about. Young girls are rocking grey hair ON PURPOSE. While I love this trend, I’m going to leave Granny Hairthe discussion of this trend to the younger hipper stylists. What I want to talk about is the trend of letting some grey shine through.

For years now, I’ve been helping clients go gracefully and gradually toward grey. The easiest way to ease out of an all gretg3over color service is to transition to a dimensional color application. Applying the same shade or maybe one slightly lighter than your “usual”color will result in a diffusion of the grey at the root. The toughest months are of course the first couple, as we are so accustomed to seeing the grey go away completely. Once you get past the curve of the head, we can add some highlight to the still colored hair to lessen the contrast even more.



Goldwell introduced a new collection called Grey To Gorgeous. The focus is on helping women or men who want to embrace their grey but aren’t ready to see 100% grey. The options include a grey blending service for men called re-shade. The product is applied at the shampoo sink and only takes five minutes to work.


pixelAnother technique is pixelation, where color is applied with an artist’s brush to select strands, blending the grey but leaving some of the silver untouched. This is great for anyone with short hair. It would be super easy to grow out, so it’s something you could try on for size, let’s say just before a job interview or a reunion.





There’s also grey beautification. Have mousy or yellowy grey, but with it was more pearly or silver? This is the service for you. A few foils and a wash with soft color in pearl, and you go from okay, I’m grey to stunning!





Trending Texture By Claire Noonan


Curly girls, your time to shine has come! Put down the flat iron and nobody gets bored. For a while now smooth, long hair has been the norm, but the tides have turned and texture is where it’s at. We’ve seen an uptick in bookings for texture services and messier, more lived in looks here at O2 Salon. Beachy waves and natural curls are being embraced and I’m here to let you know how you can get on board with this trend.

First of all, if your hair is naturally curly – right on. I for one was born with smooth, straight, flat baby hair that can’t really hold a curl without major product – so I’m jealous. Natural curl is a blessing and with the right cut and product they can turn heads left and right as you bounce ‘em down the street. So what’s the right cut? What is the right cocktail of products and care regimen for you? natural curls are being embraced and I’m here to let you know how you can get on board with this trend.turned and texture is where it’s at. We’ve seen an uptick in bookings for texture services and messier, more lived in looks here at O2 Salon. Beachy waves and


To start, a layered cut is a good foundation for curls. Layers allow the curl some room and prevent the dreaded “christmas tree” effect of curl on curl on curl at one length. Here at O2, we always provide a thorough consultation in which we determine the density, tempo and texture of  every client’s curl to determine what cut works best for them.



Next – product. So much product. So many choices – how to narrow it down? We carry curl product from KMS, Arrojo and Sojourn with admittedly several choices depending on the finish you are looking for. Fine, loose curl? Go for something lightweight with a little bit of hold to bundle your curl – for example, Arrojo Curl Enhancer. Intensely curly hair in need of moisture and control? Try out KMS Curl Up Control Creme. Again, a consultation can be a great way to learn about your options and get some education on how best to care for naturally curly hair.



And what about those of us who weren’t born with ringlets? Permanents, products and the American Wave are here to help! For those of you looking to get a tighter curl, a traditional perm is a great option. No more poodle perms here; gentler formulas and updated curl sets allow for a more modern finish. If you are sick and tired of getting out the curling iron for a loose wave every morning, the American Wave is a great option for you. Book a consultation today to find the best fit for you!



Interested in just dipping a toe into the texture pool? Heat styling and product, along with a texturized cut are a great way to introduce some lively shape into your daily hair routine. The stylists at O2 LOVE sharing their knowledge. Unsure of what type of iron or product to use to get your desired look? Just ask! We are all more than happy to give a little lesson in styling and maintenance just for you.


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