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13 Common Hair Mistakes You May Be Making

Hair not looking its best? You may be committing some damaging hair mistakes without realizing it.

1. Skipping Heat Protectant

If you regularly style your hair with hot tools, you’re leaving your strands vulnerable to heat damage. Heat protectants smooth your hair cuticle and help hair appear healthier and shinier. They provide a protective barrier between your strands and your hot tools, as well as add extra moisture to hair to help replace any lost during heat styling.

2. Using The Wrong Hairbrush

Something as simple as a hairbrush can make or break your hair – literally. Whether you’re detangling your locks after a shower, or blowing out sleek tresses for a night out, the brush you’re using can make all the difference. Make sure you are choosing the correct hairbrush for both your hair type and for the style you are aiming to achieve.

3. Not Prepping Your Hair For Bed

If you shower at night, make sure your hair is dry before climbing into bed. If you don’t want to dry your hair completely, try a loose braid or a heatless style. Hair is more fragile when wet so if you sleep with loose, wet hair it can cause friction, frizz, tangles, and breakage.

4. Turning The Heat All The Way Up

Do you curl or flat-iron your hair often? Make sure your hot tools are set to the appropriate heat setting for your hair type – coarse hair requires a little extra heat – to prevent severely burning your strands. Your hair won’t curl better just because your iron is set to the hottest setting, but it could break off from too much heat.

5. Using Too Much Product

Using too much product can cause your hair to feel greasy and limp. Experiment with different amounts of product until you find a balance that works for both you and your hair.

6. Applying Product At The Root

With the exception of volumizing sprays and dry shampoo which are meant to be applied at the root, heavier products like creams, oils, and serums should be kept to your mid-shafts and ends only. Applying these products directly to the scalp will cause build up and won’t do your hair any favors.

7. Wearing A Ponytail or Top-Knot Everyday

Wearing the same hairstyle for days at a time can cause serious damage to your hair. Hair ties place stress on your strands resulting in breakage around where the tie is placed. This can be especially damaging if you wear your hair pulled back very tight. Additionally, it can strain the follicles around your hairline eventually pulling out strands.

8. Washing Your Hair Too Much, Or Not Enough

Over-washing your hair can cause it to dry out resulting in dull strands, breakage and dry scalp. On the other hand, not washing your hair enough can lead to a buildup of oils, dirt, and product that can leave your tresses hanging limp and feeling greasy. It is important to work with your hair type to find a balance that works for both your hair and your scalp to keep your moisture levels balanced.

9. Not Using Color-Safe Shampoo

Color-safe shampoo has been formulated to be both gentle and protective. It is important to use a color safe shampoo to make your color last and not fade out quickly.

10. Neglecting Your Scalp

Caring for your scalp is just as important as caring for your hair, if not more so. Hair grows from follicles in the scalp so it only makes sense that healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. Overuse of heavy products can lead to a buildup on the scalp resulting in clogged follicles. Washing hair everyday can cause the scalp to dry out resulting in irritation and flaking, whereas not washing enough allows products, dirt, and natural oils to buildup on the scalp. Try to find a washing routine that works with your scalp to keep moisture levels balanced.

A moisturizing shampoo can help with a dry scalp whereas a clarifying shampoo can aid with dirt, oil, or product buildup.

11. Using Hot Tools On Wet Hair

You know the sound of sizzling oil in a frying pan? That’s what’s happening to your hair if you try to use hot tools on wet strands. Make sure your hair is completely dry before even thinking about picking up your curling wand.

12. Brushing or Putting Your Hair Up When It’s Wet

Wet hair is more susceptible to damage than dry hair. The strands can stretch and break easily so putting up your freshly shampooed hair up into a bun or brushing out the resulting knots afterwards can cause some serious breakage. If you want to get your hair out of your face after a shower, try a loose braid or small clips.

13. Not Trimming Your Ends Frequently Enough

Trying to grow your hair out but not seeing any progress? Regular trims are important for keeping on top of split ends slowing your hair from growing long and healthy.

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