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Awwwww, Babylights! by Claire Noonan

Thinking of highlights but you’re looking for something subtle and natural looking with lower maintenance? Wish you could reclaim the hair of your youth, like from waaaaay back when? Enter babylights, micro-woven highlights designed to recreate that soft, natural lightness that children have. As adults, most of us don’t have the luxury of recess or endless hours of outdoor play. That natural exposure to sunlight leads to those beautiful, natural highlights.

The process of babylights is similar to a regular highlight appointment, but generally involves many more foils with very, very small amounts of hair, to create an effect of subtle sparkle, shine and dimension within the hair. This generally increases the length of the appointment time (as well as the price) because of the meticulous application.

Images cut and colored by Johnny Ramirez.

Images cut and colored by Johnny Ramirez.


Maintenance for babylights is similar to any other highlighting service – the more highlights put in, the more frequent touch-ups required (full foil: eight weeks; fewer: 12 to 14 weeks). Because of the teeny tiny pieces taken for the babylights effect, the grow-out is much softer than a traditional highlight.




Babylights aren’t just for blondes, either. The technique can be used to create warm caramel tones on dark brunettes or perhaps a subtle copper shimmer within a deeper red. The options are endless. I personally even enjoy them when creating my fashion color looks. The addition of small, subtle shade differences creates an effect I like to call the “natural unnatural.” It’s a natural-looking dimension within an otherwise vivid, unnatural color; for example, some slivers of rose gold within pink.

For more inspiration check out our babylights pinterest board.



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