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Fashion Colors: What to Expect & How To Maintain Bright Colors

Fashion hair colors and rainbow strands may be all the rage, but make sure you know what to expect before you call up your stylist asking for the pink and purple curls of your dreams. 

You Have To Pre-Lighten Your Hair

If you have dark hair, you cannot apply color directly to your strands. In order to achieve saturated, vivid color, your hair will have to be lightened first. This means you will have to bleach your hair, which can cause damage. It is important to remember that the darker your hair is, the more it will have to be lightened. If you have blonde hair, you will most likely still need to lighten it, but not as much as you would for darker shades. 

Lightening your hair before color is applied is important to achieving your desired color results. If your hair is not lightened correctly, or not lightened enough, it will effect what your end result will look like, as well as how the color will fade. Hair that is not lightened enough can retain some brassy hues that will show through your color. This will be especially noticeable if you are trying to achieve an ashy look such as silver or lavender. The color may take on a yellow or orange tone.

It is important to understand that you may not achieve your desired results in one appointment. Very dark hair may take more than one session to lighten. Additionally, all hair is different, and one person’s hair may bleach to white in one sitting, while another’s may take several sessions. Be sure to discuss your expectations and goals with your stylist.

Fashion Colors Fade Fast

Fashion hair colors are semi-permanent and begin to wash out little by little each time you wash your hair. Darker shades tend to last longer than pastels, and certain colors like red, and especially green, will stain your hair until you cut it off. 

Because of how quickly vivid colors fade, you will need to visit your salon more often to keep your hair looking bright and fresh. The increase in salon visits can be hard on your hair, so in addition to seeing a stylist who knows how to keep your hair healthy, you can add the following tips to your haircare regimen:

Wash Your Hair With Cold Water

Warm water opens up the hair cuticle, and because fashion colors sit on top of the hair, washing with hot or warm water will cause the color to rinse out faster.

Cut Back On Your Washes

Frequent washing will speed up the fading process, so try picking up some dry shampoo to get you through your no-wash days.

Shield Your Strands From The Sun

Try wearing a hat if you’ll be spending prolonged time in the sun, and pick up a UV-protective spray or spray-in conditioner. The sun can cause damage to your hair, just like your skin, and can rapidly fade your hair color. You can expect to visit your stylist a lot more in the summer to keep up with the sun, but can look forward to the shorter days and weaker sun of winter to help maintain your color between appointments. 

It’s Expensive

Achieving and maintaining vibrant hair colors will require a commitment to your hair stylist and hair routine. You can expect to visit your salon more often that you are used to, and depending on how many sessions are needed to lighten your hair, the cost will go up from there in order to achieve the look you want. The cost of your salon visits will vary depending on how your hair reacts to bleach and color, how often you you visit, how healthy your hair is, and your choice of color – note that pastels require much more upkeep than than darker shades. Generally, your first visit will cost more than the following appointments, but depending on your look, the price can fluctuate. You should expect to pay anywhere from $300 and up if you are visiting an experienced stylist. 

Takeaway notes: 

  • Please go to a professional if you are thinking about coloring your hair a vivid orange or multicolored rainbow. If you try to bleach and color your hair at home, you may end up with very damaged hair, resulting in brittle strands, breakage, and split ends. You will also have a harder time repairing the damage if you visit a stylist after attempting the color on your own.
  • You will not walk in to a hair salon with dark hair and walk out with silver hair in an hour. It takes time and patience to color your hair and keep it healthy.
  • Candy colored hair fades quickly, so be prepared to adopt a high maintenance hair routine if you want to keep up with your new shade. 
  • Achieving and maintaining fashion colors is a high maintenance service, and you have to be prepared to keep up with the cost of maintenance. 

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