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Grey is Gorgeous

Hey guys, It’s Jenn here. Grey hair is trending. Look up #grannyhair and see what I’m talking about. Young girls are rocking grey hair ON PURPOSE. While I love this trend, I’m going to leave Granny Hairthe discussion of this trend to the younger hipper stylists. What I want to talk about is the trend of letting some grey shine through.

For years now, I’ve been helping clients go gracefully and gradually toward grey. The easiest way to ease out of an all gretg3over color service is to transition to a dimensional color application. Applying the same shade or maybe one slightly lighter than your “usual”color will result in a diffusion of the grey at the root. The toughest months are of course the first couple, as we are so accustomed to seeing the grey go away completely. Once you get past the curve of the head, we can add some highlight to the still colored hair to lessen the contrast even more.



Goldwell introduced a new collection called Grey To Gorgeous. The focus is on helping women or men who want to embrace their grey but aren’t ready to see 100% grey. The options include a grey blending service for men called re-shade. The product is applied at the shampoo sink and only takes five minutes to work.


pixelAnother technique is pixelation, where color is applied with an artist’s brush to select strands, blending the grey but leaving some of the silver untouched. This is great for anyone with short hair. It would be super easy to grow out, so it’s something you could try on for size, let’s say just before a job interview or a reunion.





There’s also grey beautification. Have mousy or yellowy grey, but with it was more pearly or silver? This is the service for you. A few foils and a wash with soft color in pearl, and you go from okay, I’m grey to stunning!




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