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Hairbrushes: The What, The When, and The How

Your guide to choosing the right hair brush for your hair, and how to use them to achieve your favorite styles!


Boar Bristle Brush

Natural bristle brushes work best for evenly distributing oil from your scalp through the rest of your hair, resulting in softer, shinier looking hair. The soft bristles will not cause breakage and are great for fine hair. You can find board bristle brushes with either plastic or wood handles and in various sizes.

Mixed Bristle Brush

Mixed bristle brushes extend the benefits of boar bristle brushes to all hair types. A mix of natural and synthetic bristles means this brush works great for both detangling and smoothing as well as distributing your scalp’s natural oils along your strands. These brushes are available with wood or plastic handles.

Paddle Brush

Paddle brushes are excellent for all hair types and textures and work best for detangling. They come in rectangular or oval shapes and can be made of wood or plastic. Paddle brushes also come in a variety of different bristle types and thicknesses such as natural, synthetic or nylon.

Round Brush

Round brushes are your go-to for blow-outs and they come in a wide range of materials and sizes. Small barrel round brushes can be used to create a tighter curl while larger barrels can be used to achieve smooth and subtle waves. Metal round brushes are ideal for styling with a blow dryer. The metal will heat up while the vents in the brush will help channel the hot air to tame frizz while you style. Round brushes are available in metal, plastic, and wood varieties, with natural or synthetic bristles.

Vented Brush

Vented hairbrushes are great for speeding up your blow dry! While they won’t produce a look quite as polished as one you you would achieve with a round brush, they will drastically cut your drying time as well as reduce the amount of damage to your hair caused by frequent hot styling. The vented brush can also be used without heat, but since it does not give you complete control over your hair, it is best for a day that you don’t need your strands perfectly in place.

Wet Brush

Wet brushes are specifically designed for brushing tangles out of wet hair. The firm, wide set bristles can undo knots easily and prevent breakage. Wet brushes are great for all hair types and textures and are available in a range of styles including a detangler, rectangular paddle brush, round brush, vented brush, and flex brush.


Fine Tooth Combs

Fine tooth combs work well on short, fine hair for creating precise lines and styles.

Rattail Comb

These combs are best used for parting the hair into neat, precise sections before styling. They can also be used for backcombing. Rattail combs are available with both plastic or metal “tails”.

Wide Tooth Combs

Wide tooth combs work well for thick or curly hair, and detangling wet hair to avoid breakage. These combs are great for evenly distributing product or a leave-in conditioner through hair as well. You can find wide tooth combs in variety of materials, such as wood, plastic, and bamboo.




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