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New Year, New Hair!

We’ve drafted 8 healthy hair resolutions to ring in the New Year!

Indulge In Weekly Hair Treatments

Deep conditioning treatments and hair masks are a luxury most of us don’t have time for in our schedules, but for the new year, resolve to add some relaxing self-care into your week. Just an extra 10-15 minutes after shampooing your hair to let the treatment soak into your strands to promote strength, hydration and the overall health of your hair.

Take a Break From The Heat

Do you curl or flat-iron your hair everyday? Try out some heatless styles to let your hair relax and to reduce frizz, dryness, and breakage. Try one day a week, or even a full 7 days – you might find a new favorite style! If you do heat-style, make sure to use a heat protectant.

Don’t Wash Everyday

Over-washing your hair can strip your strands of natural oils and cause them to dry out creating frizz and breakage. Try taking breaks between wash days and pick up some dry shampoo to get you through oil-free.

Call your Hairstylist

Regular trims can keep your hair looking lush and full while preventing split ends and breakage. Schedule regular hair appointments for the year to make sure you’re rocking your best hair ever in 2020.

Don’t Ignore Your Scalp

Caring for your scalp is just as important as caring for your hair, if not more so. Hair grows from follicles in the scalp so it only makes sense that healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. Overuse of heavy products can lead to a buildup on the scalp resulting in clogged follicles. Washing hair everyday can cause the scalp to dry out resulting in irritation and flaking, whereas not washing enough allows products, dirt, and natural oils to buildup on the scalp. Try to find a washing routine that works with your scalp to keep moisture levels balanced.

A moisturizing shampoo can help with a dry scalp whereas a clarifying shampoo can aid with dirt, oil, or product buildup.

Try A New Style

Wearing the same ponytail or top-knot everyday can cause breakage. Try switching it up to relieve some tension on your strands and promote regrowth.

Have you been thinking about bangs for a while but aren’t sure? Considering layers? Pink hair on the brain? Embrace the phrase “New Year, New You” and try out a new ‘do!

Commit to A Haircare Routine

Keeping your hair healthy is the first line of defense against bad hair days. Committing to a regular haircare routine will help improve the health of your hair and have you loving your locks in no time.

Embrace Your Natural Texture

Good styling tools and products will get you pretty far, but determining and working with your hair type and texture is the real answer to your hair’s woes. Learning to embrace your natural texture instead of fighting it can help streamline your morning routine resulting in gorgeous hair and a happier you!

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