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O2 Stylist Claire Weighs in on Vivid Haircolor


So, the O2 blog has been silent for about a year. In the past we’ve addressed the more natural palettes of blonde reds and brunettes, but in order to round out our color lingo, we need to cover the shades that do not occur in nature.  In humans, they don’t, anyway. So here to talk about the more vivid or “fashion” tones, is O2 stylist Claire.

It’s 2015, y’all – according to Back the Future 2, the future is now and it’s about time we start dressing like it, hair included! Vivid, or pastel shades can be a great way to add interest to a more traditional palette. Muted tones can be softly blended with your natural color or added to tone down a more vibrant look. I really love this technique as a beautiful way to create a more natural feel to completely unnatural hair colors.


Several celebrities have led the charge for more fun, vivid colors: Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, and Kelly Osbourne are probably the best known for their constantly evolving and always beautifully executed unnatural color choices. These lovelies have been inspiring many to ask for a veritable rainbow of color choices and with hair color technology where it is today, the options are practically endless.

Is pastel or vivid (“fashion”) color the right choice for you? Cost and maintenance are definitely key factors to consider. Unnatural colors are much more obvious as they grow out, so either being comfortable with a rooty look or having regular touch ups is a decision to think about as well. Also, depending on how extreme of a color change you are making, having time to make the transformation is important. Looking for a small pop of color is much less of a commitment than a whole head color overhaul. Here at O2, we offer free 15 minute consultations so you can chat with a colorist and figure out what look works best with your lifestyle.


Unless you are naturally a very light blonde, fashion colors require pre-lightening for a clean palette. This wouldinvolve either foiling lightener in or doing a whole head application, after which the fashion color can be applied. At O2 Salon we work with Goldwell’s Elumen color line to create specially tailored color. Elumen is a permanent color that comes in almost every shade of the rainbow and can be intermixed to create a very special shade just for you!


nicole-richie-house-of-harlow-1960-1Maintenance of fashion colors can be tricky. Since Elumen is a permanent color, it fades much less than the kind of fashion color that can be purchased over the counter. That being said, using a color safe or product specific shampoo and conditioner goes a long way for maintaining vibrancy. Heat styling, frequent shampooing, and exposure to the elements can also cause fading of color. Using a heat protectant and styling products that contain SPF are great for protecting color. Make sure you talk with your stylist about the appropriate self-care.


In short, pastel and vivid fashion color is here to stay and as a stylist, I couldn’t be more pleased. So people of the future, the time is now, the choice is yours. Color your world!


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