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Prom Prep with Kristen Allocca

It’s about that time to put on your gorgeous dress, match it with some sparkly jewelry and get your hair done!! Here are a few things that I find very helpful when trying to find that perfect hairstyle to complete your ensemble.8683ebb689b8751edeb51745c09c87f6_zpsefc0b07b

Let’s start with how we’re going to decide whether you’re going to wear it (all up, half up, all down). Now, these are just suggestions, you can choose any style you like. I find that if your dress has straps or a halter top the best way to show off your whole dress is to wear it pulled back in an up-do or half up with some pieces coming down. Up-do’s go well with any dress. Adding texture with braids or curls is always a fun option. Strapless looks are enhanced by the cascade of curls or waves created by wearing your hair all down or even half up.

Prom-Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair-Half-Up-Half-Down2When looking for that perfect look, its helpful to find styles that are close to the same texture hair you have (fine, coarse, curly, ext.) Of course we can always create texture different from your own. If it’s going to rainy, windy or humid, it’s best to create texture in a pinned style, so the whole thing doesn’t droop.

Another thing you want to try to match when looking at pictures is the color of the style you’re looking for. For example, if you find a blonde style, but you have brown hair, the outcome might be much different than you were expecting. This is because the light will reflect differently off of blonde’s hair than brunettes, and other tones as well. Therefore, the picture could end up looking a lot different than what you were expecting for your final look.

Now that we have decided your perfect look, let’s talk about your appointment! When you come into the salon for your appointment you should wear a button up or zip up shirt. Something easy to take off after your hair is all done and won’t mess up Prom-Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair-Twisted-Updoyour beautiful do. We would love to have you come in with FRESHLY WASHED, DRY hair. There are a lot of myths that you should come in with a little grit or dirtiness to your hair but if it’s too dirty we would have to add another service to your appointment (shampoo/blow dry) and that’s not necessary if you come in with clean, dry hair. If your hair is naturally fine and or slippery we can add our own texture spray to add that needed grip.


So, shop for your dress and bring yourself into the salon for the perfect style for your big night!



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