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Remembering Bowie by Dana Marcoux

“Hot tramp, I love you so” and “Your mother’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl” epitomize the bad boy-bad girl leanings of all rebellious youth and all times. David Bowie inspired many generations of avant-garde leanings. Most every hairstylist I know has experienced Bowie’s influence some point in our style-seeking lives, some are still living it.

We here at O2 salon couldn’t let this genius’ passing go without comment. We were all introduced to Bowie at different times in his career, from the early days, let’s say “Low” and “Ziggy Stardust,” to the ’70s “Thin White Duke” to the ’80s “Let’s Dance.” “Modern Love” or “Fashion” may have resonated with stylists growing up in the ’90s, who discovered decades of material all worthy of listening to.
I stayed with Bowie through drum and bass, to the hypnotic “Heathens” and “Reality” from the 2000s, and love his latest and last release.
We will all miss David Bowie, but never forget the inspiration.

RIP David Bowie



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