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Summer Hair Guide : Summer 2019 Hair Trends and Hair Care Tips

Summer Hair Trends

Curly Bangs!

2019 is the year of the bang, and voluminous, curly fringe has been enjoying a moment in the spotlight. If you’ve had bangs on the brain, this might be just the motivation you need to jump on the bangs bandwagon! Summer is HUMID, so you won’t want to be fussing over your hair just to have it frizz up the moment you walk outside; this style is perfect for a fuss-free look that will keep you feeling fresh!

Wavy Lob

This textured cut is great for those who want to keep their hair off their shoulders this summer, and is less intimidating than going for a blunt bob — plus, no awkward grow-out phase! The long bob, or “lob” is a perfect hairstyle if you’re looking for a length that is easy to maintain but doesn’t feel too short.

Modern Shag

Choppy layers? Long fringe? Lots of volume? The classic 70’s shag is making a huge comeback with a modern twist. This cut is super versatile and works great with all hair textures!

Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer Hair Care Tip #1: Get a trim

Trim away split ends to keep ends fresh and healthy!

Summer Hair Care Tip #2: Protect your color

Frequent sun exposure can cause color to fade quickly — you can keep your color looking fresh by wearing fun hats, and using products that help protect from UV damage.

→ All of Goldwell’s products contain UV protection!

Summer Hair Care Tip #3: Keep your hair hydrated

To keep the frizz at bay and keep your hair looking fabulous all season, try a leave-in conditioner, hair mask, or serum!

Summer Hair Care Tip #4: Take it easy

Embrace summer’s casual, laid-back vibes by opting for braids and messy buns and give your hair a break from blow outs and hot tools.

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