Bridal Info

Planning a wedding can be fun, and it also can be hard work. There are so many details to attend to as you get ready for your big day. And we want you to have a great day and to feel like yourself!

For the Bride and Wedding Party

As you shop for a dress, consider what you want to do with your hair. For example, if your dress is strapless and you have long hair, then perhaps the best hairstyle would be half-down, or some loose curls at the back. If you have a theme in mind, say ‘20s nostalgia, maybe a bob-shape or some finger waves would be just the thing. If the dress has details at the back, you won’t want your hair hiding them. You might think an intricate up-do is pretty.

It’s also really important to think about what kind of day you want to have. If hanging with your gang of girlfriends is fun for you, maybe getting to the salon to get ready is high on your list. If you do plan to come to the salon, we schedule about an hour each up-do, 45 minutes for a shampoo style, and 30 minutes for a makeup application. If you want the services on-site, the cost is a bit higher, and we generally send one or two wedding specialists, so the timing may be stretched quite a bit to take care of a larger party.

What type of event is your reception? Is there a plan for lots of dancing, or just a quiet dinner for 30? If you dance like a crazy person, you will want a hairstyle that will stay put. If you have always dreamed of an outdoor wedding with Maine’s beautiful landscape in the background, you also may need a backup plan, like a tent or indoor space. The same goes for your hair. If you have frizzy hair and dream of silky curls down your back, and you choose a day in August or we get unpredictable weather, you also may need a hairstyle Plan B. Remember to consider your hair’s natural texture while looking at hairstyles.

It’s easy to fall in love with gorgeous pictures on Pinterest, but be sure to keep your hair’s length and density in mind. When browsing photos for inspiration, look at the ones where the models’ hair color is the same or similar to yours. If you have dark brown hair you will not see as much detail in your style as you would if you were a blonde with lots of dimension. Also, understand that photos are an inspiration for your desired outcome. Everyone’s hair is different, which means every style will look a bit different on you from how it may look in the photo.

Planning to wear a veil or a hair comb? Make sure it isn’t too heavy for your hair, and that it will work with the style you have in mind.

Now, your trial run at the salon… It is important to remember your trial is not your final product. The trial is done so you can get a feel for us and our space to decide if you like us. We will take photos after the trial so you can go home and analyze what you do and do not like. Even if you love the style you leave with after your trial, we often see brides come back on their wedding day with a revised vision. Think of the trial as a rough draft. Your wedding day is when all the final touches will be sprayed and pinned into place.

Let us know of any allergies or special requests beforehand. Giving us a heads-up on specifics will give us a chance to prepare for your visit. We really want to do our best and we have your comfort and best interest at heart.