"I have since decided to let my hair grow some before venturing back in for a cut but please know that i have only been able to go this long w/o at least a trim and/or a shaping because i had a "dana" cut - which has made all the difference with not only how my hair looks but how it has grown out and how it responds! so kudos to dana!

and secondly, but not least ~ jenn, i came to you with thining hair due to what i can only attribute to what must have been overprocessing accompanied by bad color and a bad cut,
during this short time frame that we have worked together, in comparison to my prior hairdresser, you have helped make the color transition that much more bearable w/o any additional damage to my hair! in fact, my hair once again feels more like hair and has become both healthier and has thickened up and i am still using the hair products you recommended w/success!

so because of the combined efforts of both of you i get alot of compliments on both the color and the grown out cut!! " April 2013, Donna S.

"Hair Care for all season's of a man's life. Jen takes a seriously holistic approach to each of her clients... and those who do become clients of of Jen quickly realize she is there to bring out the best look you have to offer within the parameters you give her to work in.

Her color sense is dead on...and just slightly ahead of the curve which leaves you feeling like you are one of those few who are setting trends without looking like some of the car wrecks you see strutting down the cat walks on t.v. with rainbow gummi-worms glued to their heads. Go to O2 Salon to find hair artists with whom you develop a relationship with. She keeps my hair looking its absolute best. That is what they do there. That is why <you> need to go there. Men and women both want to look good without spending a paycheck doing it. Do yourself a favor and get your hair some serious attention for hair artisans."

"Definitely the best haircut I've ever had. Thanks Dana!"
-March 2013, by Margaret

"Greatest color and cut I've ever had! Couldn't be happier! O2 is the best in Portland!"
- November 2012,  by Hannah

"Love the cut and color! thanks, Tasha!"
November 2012, by Erin

October 2012, by Karmo

"Just wanted to let you know that I love the hair-cut.  Dana, thank you for being so attentive.  I will be back!"
October 2012, by Darlene

"I have nothing but positive comments for the salon!
We were truly pleased with the service and out-come.
Thanks to everyone!"
October 2012, by Lorianne

The service was terrific. Jenn is awesome, and she gave me a great haircut.
September 2012, by Tonee

Tasha is amazing!  Every time I leave your salon I am amazed at the color of my hair! 
September 2012, by Rachel

I love my color and haircut! Thank you for such thoughtful and excellent work.
August 2012, by Joanne

Honestly, Tasha gave me the best haircut I've ever had. She knew exactly what I was looking for and delivered completely. Not to mention, she was also super cute and fun to chat with. I just moved to Portland and am so happy to have found such a great spot. I left feeling confident and excited about trying the simple styling techniques that Tasha demonstrated/explained to me. I will recommend to all of my friends!
August 2012, by Janey

Dear Jen & all at O2-
You always make me very happy with great cuts, color, smlies & a cool room to sink into!
August 2012, by Kathryn

O2: No pretense, no hair snobs, just good styling."
—October 14, 2008 by Rob Grasmuck in Portland, ME

"I'd trust you with my hair, That's real friendship. I love my cut! And so does everyone else! Thank you."
—April 2008, by Martha

"Jenn - Thank you for being such a positive light in my life! :) I look forward to my cuts and highlights and just the time to chat! You are a Gem!"
—December 2008, by Lisa

"I just wanted to send you many thanks for doing such a wonderful job on all of our hair! Thanks for taking time out of your day for me, I appreciate all of your work. It was nice to meet you and I am sure that our paths will cross again."
—July 2007, by a Happy Bride