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• Consultations are always complimentary and are required if this is your first color appointment at O2 Salon.  Save yourself the trip and request a consultation with a stylist by phone.  If you are not absolutely certain of the service you need, please do not book online. Call (207)253-1550 and let our salon coordinator guide you in the right direction.

• If this is your first visit to O2 Salon, we ask that you call our Salon Coordinator at (207)253-1550 so that she can help schedule your first appointment. This will ensure that your service is the best choice for you.

• We must strictly enforce our 24-hour cancellation policy. Please call (207)253-1550 to cancel or reschedule any appointment. When appointments are not canceled in a timely manner, we miss the opportunity to fill that time slot, and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services.

• Agreement for online booking

In order to schedule your appointments online, we ask that you please observe and agree to the following:

1. You are a current O2 Salon client.

2. Please schedule only one appointment per service and time period.

3. For creative color appointments, color correction services, and texture appointments (such as American and Permanent Wave), customers must first call the salon to book a free consultation. We will book the service in the salon after the consultation. Customers who book those more complicated services online without calling first for a consultation may be charged for those services if the salon is ultimately unable to accommodate the requests.

I have read and understand the online booking policy and would like to proceed with booking my appointment online.

I agree. Schedule my appointment.