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How To Care For Your Hair This Winter

The dog days of summer are behind us. It’s time to embrace colder weather and revamp your hair routine to prevent frizz, breakage and brittle locks.

Don’t go outside with wet hair

Make sure to dry your hair fully before rushing out the door in the morning. Cold, wet hair will expand which can cause breakage and damage your strands. If you prefer to shower in the morning, make sure hair is completely dry, or at least protected by a hat or a scarf if you’re in a hurry. You can also try altering your routine and shower at night so that your hair will be fully dry by morning.

Line your hats with silk or satin

Cozy wool or cotton hats are what we reach for as soon as the temperatures start to drop, but the friction from these harsh fabrics could be causing damage to your hair. Try lining your hats with silk or satin to cut down on friction, as well as prevent frizz and dryness. You should also opt for a silk pillowcase to help reduce frizz and breakage while you sleep!

Try a darker shade

It’s hard to accept that the sunny days and warm breezes of summer are behind us, but so are sun-kissed locks and platinum hues. Try embracing a new, darker shade for winter! In addition to being on trend for the season, darker shades are actually less damaging to your hair. This will limit the number of times you’ll have to bleach your hair throughout the cold months – a process that strips the hair of natural oils and moisture.

Cut down on heat styling

Excessive heat styling is damaging to your hair, so embrace the cold weather and opt for a hat and loose braids instead. You can also read our post on heatless styling here. If you can’t bear to part with your styling tools, make sure to use a heat protectant.

Deep condition once a week

The combination of hats, scarves, and indoor heating leads to unwanted breakage, dryness, and frizzy locks. Add a deep conditioner or hair mask to your weekly hair-care routine to add much needed moisture back into your hair.

Don’t over-wash your hair

Washing your hair too often strips it of natural oils and moisture, resulting in dry, thirsty locks. Pick up a dry shampoo, and a hat, or try out some new hairstyles to get you through no-wash days.

Turn on your humidifier

Indoor heating is drying to your hair – and your skin. Try using a humidifier while at home to add a little moisture to the air and help combat dryness.

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