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What is Elumen?

Goldwell Elumen is an oxidant-free, high-performance hair color. It nourishes and repairs hair while coloring and provides exceptional shine, color intensity, and durability.

Ammonia-free, non-oxidative, and gentle for the hair

Elumen technology allows dyes to penetrate deep into the hair for long-lasting, intense color while simultaneously repairing damage to create healthier, shinier hair

How Elumen embraces Scientific Technology and pH Value

“Conventional, common direct dyes are positively (+) charged molecules that are attracted to negatively (-) charged areas of hair.” The direct dye molecules are too large to penetrate deep into the hair and mainly stick to the outside of the hair.

“Elumen works with acidic, negatively (-) charged direct dyes and a pH value of 3.0 … An excess cationic (+) charge is created and because the Elumen dyes are anionic (-) charged and a type of “pulling effect” is exerted, literally drawing the negative charged Elumen dyes, into the hair. A simulated magnetic, electrostatic attraction occurs, attaching the negatively charged color dyes firmly and permanently to the already positively charged hair.”

Elumen Products

Goldwell has a line of Elumen products specially formulated to nourish hair, and help maintain color vibrancy and longevity.

Elumen is available in a wide spectrum of colors.

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