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The Dry Haircut: All you Need To Know

If you thought hair has to be wet to get a trim, think again. Read all about the dry cutting technique and why it’s become so popular.

What are the benefits of a dry cut?

It’s great for wavy, curly, and coily hair textures

When curly hair is wet, it’s more difficult to see how each individual curl will lay when it’s dry. This is where the dry cut comes in – since you’re cutting the hair when it’s dry, you’ll see exactly how your curls will lay at the end of the cut and your stylist will be able to pick and choose where to cut so that your curls fall neatly and just how you want them.

For curly-haired clients, this technique is recommended only if you regularly wear your hair curly as opposed to blown-out or styled with a flat-iron. Additionally, you should arrive at the salon with your curls styled how you would wear them everyday, again instead of flat-ironed or otherwise straightened.

There will be fewer surprises at the end of your appointment

Because hair is stretchy when it’s wet, it appears longer – which is why you’re often shocked at the end of a haircut when your hair looks much shorter than you were expecting. This is especially true for those with curly or wavy hair. When you cut dry hair, what you see is what you get, eliminating any shock you might be feeling at the end of the cut.

It can be more precise

Split ends are more visible on dry hair, so dry-cutting allows your stylist to see how much really needs to be cut off, as well as visualize how your hair moves when it’s dry.

Your haircut will be 100% personalized for YOU

When cutting wet hair, your stylist may be following a formula or techniques they were taught in school, however if they’re cutting dry hair, they’re creating a completely individualized haircut just for you. Cutting your hair to create movement, working with your natural texture, and making sure every hair is laying just right.

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