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Are You Using The Right Products For Your Hair Type?

Hair not looking its best? Your products might be to blame. Using the wrong products for your hair type can leave you with limp, oily, or even brittle hair.

Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, it is best to avoid heavy or creamy products that will weigh down your hair. Stay away from oils, pomades, heavy conditioners, and firm hairsprays. You should look for weightless, or volumizing products instead.

Thick or Coarse Hair

Those with thick or coarse hair should avoid products that contain alcohol or sulfates that can dry out hair leaving it brittle and prone to breakage. Lightweight and volumizing products can’t stand up to thick tresses, so you should seek out moisturizing, frizz-fighting products including mousse, oils, wax, pomade, or creamy conditioner.

Curly Hair

Curly hair requires similar care to thick hair in that it needs hydrating and heavy conditioning products. Try to avoid drying products that contain alcohol and sulfates. Lightweight products wont do your curls any good either. Look for curl creams, alcohol-free gels, oils, and creamy conditioners.

Color Treated Hair

Color treated hair needs to be treated much more carefully than virgin hair. To prevent damage to your already stressed strands, try to avoid drying products that contain alcohol and sulfates. You should also be wary of dandruff or clarifying shampoos that are not formulated for color-treated hair. Instead, look for color-safe moisturizing products, deep conditioning treatments, and always use a heat protectant.

Damaged or Brittle Hair

Damaged hair should be treated similarly to color-treated hair. Seek out creamy conditioning and hydrating products and steer clear of fortifying products or any that contain alcohol, sulfates, biotin, or keratin. Deep conditioning treatments and masks will be your best friends, and it wouldn’t hurt to take a break from your curling iron for a while.

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